Every 84 Minute Kit Survival Contains:

1) Mini Survival Handbook written by Survival Expert Spike Gunderson

2) Personal Letter from Survival Expert Spike Gunderson
    & Interview with Spike in Modern Survivalist Magazine

3) Food Kit containing:
    Armour Vienna Sausages
    Armour Potted Meat
    (2) Lollipops
    (2) Sticks of Chewing Gum
    Lance Cookies
    Ramen Noodles

4) Ammunition Kit:
    (2) Shotgun Shells
    (4) 9mm Ammo

5) Toiletries Kit
     Enough Toilet Paper for several wipes
     8 inch string of dental floss
    (2) Q-Tips

6) Medicine Kit
   (4) Aspirin
   (2) Gas-X Pills
   Alcohol Pads

7) Entertainment
   (2) Cigarettes
   (2) Condoms
   Mini-bottle of Bourbon or Vodka
   Deck of Playing Cards
   A  ball of purple yarn

8) Additional Items Include:
    LED Flashlight
    Box of Matches
    (2) Tea Light Candles
    Foreign Currency (4) Canadian Nickels made out of genuine nickel.
    2x3 sealable bags. I just had a bunch left over.

All hidden and safely  sealed in a Wooden Cypress Box

"This kit has everything you need to enjoy your last 84 minutes."
  -Lieutenant Colonel Howard Dennison
Coming Soon the 42 MINUTE SURVIVAL KIT
Makes a perfect Gift Item for those who can't survive for a full 84 minutes.